The Final Week

October 21, 2009

The Final Week

Six empty energy drinks
perilously stacked,
a tipsy totem pole that marks
the hours that have passed
perched on this futon
with only the pitter patter of keys
being tapped gently
to fill the silence.

Unwashed garments sprawled
across the unmade bed and
books with frayed seams
collecting dust
under the worn wooden chair,
near the cluttered desk
like the cobwebs in my head,
hindering my progression.

Crumbled cough drop wrappers
lay upon the mountain of disposed items
spilling out of the trash receptacle,
pleading to be taken out.
The frosty window pane is cloaked
by the satin curtains
that insist on obscuring
my view of the snow that freely falls.


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