Blue Eyes and The Wolf

February 5, 2012

There once was a pretty girl named blue eyes
She went wandering through the woods seeking clear skies
She stumbled upon a wolf, so melancoly and low
She stopped in her tracks and approached him very slow
“Hey wolf! What’s wrong! Why you in such a funk?”
“I’ve lost my tail. Time to get drunk.”
“Don’t be silly,” said blue eyes, “There’s no reason to fret.”
“I’ll fashion you a new one. You’ll feel better, I bet”
So she weaved rainbows with glitter and honeydew
She plucked stars and tied sparkly bows, too.
“I once saw a unicorn with one just like this.”
And then the wolf was happy and gave her a kiss.
And blue eyes and him could finally exhale.
Fiction? A Fable? No, it’s what we call a “fairy tale”.

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